Nakuru City’s Potentials Affecting Investment Ideas

by Business Watch Team

Once a city is established, its physical structure and land use patterns may change for several generations, which can result in either controlled or uncontrolled sprawl.

There will be 1.2 million km2 of new urban built-up area added to the planet in the next three decades as urban land consumption is predicted to increase at a rate that is up to 50% faster than population growth.

Nakuru, which was recently selected as the fourth city in Kenya, is likely to fulfill this expectation. Nakuru City, known as the cleanest town in East Africa and located in Kenya, will now be counted among the cities of Kisumu, Mombasa, and Nairobi.

What are these potentials that may affect our investment ideas when it comes to real estate in Nakuru?

The Airport upgrades.

The construction of an airport is anticipated to cost Sh3B Beginning at Nakuru International Airport. The Ksh3 billion initiative, which has great potential for taxpayers and is expected to promote the tourism and horticultural sectors, will provide the area with unexplored opportunities.

The benefits of improving the roads leading to the airport will also be felt by the locals.

Restorative Work in Public Parks

Environmentalists applied pressure on former governor Kinyanjui regarding the delayed public opening of the newly renovated Nyayo Gardens Park.

Without a doubt, Nakuru’s status as a city necessitates that the appearance of public parks and infrastructure be updated; as a result, the county government has gotten busy making the new city more beautiful.

President Uhuru Kenyatta opened the Nyayo Gardens, which had been undergoing renovation since 2019, during the award ceremony. The gardens will provide locals and visitors with a tranquil setting in which to unwind in the hectic city.

An investor hub

Developers complain about the town’s tall buildings’ slow occupancy rates and thus opt for value-added plots which are very affordable and found in Nakuru CBD.

Nakuru county takes pride in its leadership in the industrial sector, and the awarding of the city status would attract new businesses to the centralized area as a result of the sectors expected to get investor money to boost the local economy.

Due to its strategic location and the fact that its climate and volcanic soils are ideal for farming and cattle rearing, the city has an advantage over the other cities and has established its domination in this industry.

President Uhuru inaugurated the Kisulisuli market at the award ceremony, which would promote local trade and agriculture and help the new city’s economy thrive.

Due to impending growth, there are plenty of properties within Nakuru’s central business district that has ready title deeds that are up for grabs.


For this reason, the project to build affordable housing was started in Nakuru County.

The reclassification of Nakuru as a city will aid in preventing the slums from mushrooming as they have been doing due to the crisis and the city’s soaring population.

Despite being the newest of the cities, Nakuru is expected to make a big impact on the economy and is likely to rank among the East African cities with the quickest economic growth.

In conclusion, Nakuru residents may now anticipate taking advantage of affordable prime land, improved recreational facilities, ample water supplies, cutting-edge stadiums, good road networks, and improved solid waste management systems, among other services.

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