Nameless Chosen As Imperial Leather Brand Ambassador

by Business Watch Team

PZ Cussons, a leading manufacturer of personal care products has, for the first time in its 70-year Kenyan history, picked national celebrity and musical artist David Mathenge aka Nameless as the official Brand Influencer for its flagship brand Imperial Leather.

The move, said the firm’s Managing Director Sekar Ramamoorthy is in line with the ambition to further develop the cross-generational male market.

Speaking when the firm made the official announcement, Ramamoorthy noted that the historic partnership with Nameless is intended to grow and protect Imperial Leather’s strong core value proposition and accelerate its differentiated portfolio which includes a target to deepen trial by men as the firm expands its net over the rapidly expanding male grooming sector.

“With a growing male grooming segment and thematic periods such as ‘Movember’ catching on as a month-long period of celebrating modern male grooming while promoting masculinity, we see Imperial Leather as a committed brand that is here to deliver the desired experiences and value for Kenyan men in addition to our current & trusted family products proposition,” said Ramamoorthy.

In addition to producing a musical jingle for the Kshs 35 million national consumer promotion dubbed ‘Oga na Mamilli’, Nameless will also headline several appearances around the country for an initial three-month phase.

“Today’s man no longer works with a one-size-fits-all personal grooming regime. Our partnership with Imperial Leather is designed to bring out each individual’s desire for masculine projection while embracing the self-care that modern living provides opportunity for,” said Mathenge.

Ramamoorthy noted that the firm has registered remarkable growth of the Imperial Leather brand over the past four successive years, doubling its revenue to attain market leadership in Kenya. Working with Nameless is expected to provide additional leverage for the brand as it seeks to deepen its distribution and build a relationship with the men from Generation X, and Z and millennials.

The personal grooming trend is increasingly impacting men’s grooming, particularly among the millennials and Generation Z men who are extensively looking after their health as well as their physical appearance. At the same time, rising awareness about hygiene, lifestyle upgrades, and increasing per capita income of people has increased the desirability of advanced skincare products, as males demand minimal chemical content and highly functional ingredients in their products.

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