Need To Take Care Of Earth Through Planting Trees

by Business Watch Team

We need the earth more than it needs us. The rate at which humans are destroying the earth through poisonous gases and cutting down trees is alarming. Soon, we shall have no trees to go and no air to breathe. Trees are life.

To help in the efforts to keep the earth green, BDO in East Africa has planted 5,000 trees in the Aberdare Forest Reserve as part of its commitment to support the goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

BDO East Africa has partnered with the East African Wildlife Society (EAWLS) to plant 5,000 indigenous trees in the reserve, which is part of the Aberdare ecosystem, one of Kenya’s critical water catchment areas, and a key water tower.

The program will see BDO in East Africa invest €9,200 (Ksh1.1 million) which is expected to play a key role in offsetting carbon emissions while giving back to the local community through direct and indirect employment.

“The Aberdare reforestation project will play a vital role in restoring the biodiversity of the forest reserve and provide jobs to people from the surrounding communities. It is anticipated that once planted and matured, the 5,000 red cedar trees will sequester approximately 240,000 pounds (109 metric tons) of carbon dioxide per year,” said BDO East Africa CEO Sandeep Khapre.

The program expects to create around 50 direct and 100 indirect jobs for the local community. The community will additionally benefit from clean water as a result of the restoration, reduced human conflict incidents, access to wood and non-wood products from the forest, and reduced vulnerability to climate change impacts.

The EAWLS will implement the program in partnership with local community forest associations (CFAs) and the Kenya Forestry Service (KFS). KFS will guarantee the long-term protection of the rehabilitated site. The EAWLS will also pay the CFAs engaged in accordance with the prescribed standards and purchase tree seedlings from their nurseries. This is aimed at supporting the local communities’ livelihoods in accordance with the expectations of the project.

The KFS will take control of the site after three years to ensure there is enhanced protection against logging.

Mr. Khapre added that there will be regular monitoring and reporting on the project by BDO’s local and global offices.

Globally BDO has made other commitments towards supporting the goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 including limiting travel to essential meetings and events while monitoring and addressing the organization’s impact.

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