New App To Sound An Alarm When One’s Phone Is Stolen

by Business Watch Team
Xecure App

Nothing hurts more than losing a phone. One often feels like their world has come to an end. One becomes confused, has nowhere to start, taken back to square zero. This is often because no one budgets to buy a phone to replace the one they have unless it is stolen.

The first thing people do when their phones are stolen is to rush to the police station. That is where the real drama is. The police always offer little to no help in trying to recover a stolen phone. If anything, you will end up spending cash enough to buy a new phone trying to bribe them to act.

Therefore, whenever a phone is stolen, especially in Nairobi, 99.9 percent chances are that you will never find it. One never finds it. Even those with downloaded Google tracking devices on their phone often have minimal chances of recovering their devices.

It is not hard to lose a phone in the streets of Nairobi. Every time you hit the road with your phone, you automatically become a candidate for thieves to disappear with your phone and other valuables. What can someone do to survive?

Thanks to technology, there is a new app in town that is set to minimize cases of phones being stolen, prevent tampering, and save phone users the pain of losing the device they love so much. The App is called Xecure App.

Xecure App is a mobile security application that prevents tampering and increases the chances of recovery when a phone is stolen.

The magic of the app lies in the fact that it notifies users of specified events, such as when the device is moved or taken away that are triggered by motion sensors that the system recognizes and then sounds an alarm.

What is more, users will also be notified when the power cable or headset is unplugged, or when the phone is taken or falls out from their pocket or bag.

Additionally, the device captures multiple Intruders’ selfies from different angles which increases the chances of Identifying the Intruder, with Users able to share these images and videos among family and friends outside of the application.

Every time an alarm is triggered, it will continue to sound until the correct passcode is entered; device restart does not stop the alarm.

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