NHIF To Change Its Name To NSHIF

by Business Watch Team

The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), initially National Hospital Insurance Fund, will soon be changing its name to National Social Health Insurance Fund (NSHIF).

The Cabinet Secretary for Health Susan Nakhumicha has confirmed the change of the name saying the approvals are in their final stages.

The change of the name yet again from NHIF to NSHIF comes a few months after the same entity changed its name from National Hospital Insurance Fund to National Health Insurance Fund.

According to the Cabinet Secretary, the move to change the name is aimed at broadening the scope of the fund for it covers a wide range of complications including renal.

Currently, the Fund is also undergoing various structural changes for it to “achieve sustainability.”

Over the years, millions of Kenyans have expressed their dissatisfaction with the HHIF following years of corruption and plunder of members’ contributions.

The former CEO who was dismissed by the government of President Uhuru Kenyatta and taken to court for embezzling over one billion shillings from NHIF was set free by the courts after the prosecution dropped the charges. Most likely he might be on his way back to the Fund.

There have also been complaints of NHIF not taking care of members when they need it the most, sometimes failing to remit the required cash to the hospital.

Most private hospitals have also been accused of defrauding the Fund by overcharging patients who have NHIF cards.

With the current Government being so on talking, making jokes, and threatening, it is unlikely that Kenyans will see any tangible and positive changes at NHIF any time soon. Perhaps more looting.

Contributions to NHIF are compulsory for those employed and voluntary for those in the Jua Kali sector who are allowed to contribute at least 500 shillings per month. But even with that, NHIF has been accused of favoring civil servants over other Kenyans.

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