Old Mutual Banks On Digital Transformation For Integration

by Business Watch Team
Old Mutual

Old Mutual East Africa Group has rolled out a self-service mobile app to improve customer experience for their customers. The app is part of digital solutions that the Group will be rolling out to customers and partners this year, informed by the group’s transformation agenda. On the app, customers will have a single view of the solutions that they have with the group. This will enable them to plan and execute their lifetime financial goals better.

While committing their support, Old Mutual’s East Africa Group Chief Operating Officer Isaac Nzyoka said, “Too often, the financial industry has focused on products rather than considering the customer and their different financial needs at different life stages. Our customer experience strategy, which is aimed at an Integrated Financial Services model, considers the customer’s short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals and the tools that they will need to meet them. When a customer is clear about their financial journey, they can achieve more across multiple facets of their life.”

“We have embraced customer-centric digital transformation, prioritized the financial wellness of our customers and focused our innovation effort towards enhancing their journey,” said Andrew Mwithiga Head of Digital and Data, Old Mutual Group. “It is not about how advanced our technology tools are, but how meaningful it is to the users. This app is only a start, our approach is to improve customer experiences seamlessly through multiple channels.” He added.

Besides a single view of all the financial solutions that the user has, customers will also be able to perform some transactions that previously required customer care intervention. Customers will be able to view, search and download statements, initiate claims for car insurance, and request new solutions that fit their needs.

Christine Sogomo, Head of Customer Experience, while talking about the app noted “It is not enough to have an effective call center. We aim to offer first-touch resolution across multiple platforms that are convenient for our customers.”

The company’s commitment to improved digital customer experience aligns with the organizational ambition to promote wholesome wellness to all Old Mutual customers.

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