On Your Day Of Burial, This Will Happen

by Business Watch Team

A day shall come when you will finally be gone. Silence. Darkness. Numbness. Nobody to wake you up. Just you and silence.

On that day, when your family will now decide to “lay you to rest,” some will cry, some won’t. Some of your relatives will come, some won’t.

Some of your friends will try and attend your funeral, some won’t. Some will take your funeral as an opportunity for a road trip and to be off work. They will drive, take whiskey and gossip about your life.

And a grave will be dug, your final home and final destination. You will be laid in, reality will hit your closest family that your are forever gone, that you will never be seen again.

Earth will start falling on you. First as small, little, fine soil, then a whole will fill the grave. You will hear a few cries from a distance. Then they will fade. Steps will start fading.

Friends and family will go back to the tend to have a meal. Some will reflect on your life, some will start talking about business opportunities, some will start talking about big plans. They will laugh, eat, make merry and leave.

In this world, you have you and your family. When you are finally gone, your friends will miss you for a very short time, then they will forget and focus on their lives. But it will take time; months, years, for your family to finally let you go out of their hearts.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, work, make friends, make merry, but in the end, go back to those who matter the most in your life; family. Do not let your family get used to live without you. Let them feel you. Let them feel your presence but a time will come when you will leave them alone.

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