Opera Mini Hits 1 Billion Downloads As It Hits 18

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Opera Mini hits 1 billion downloads worldwide. This week the popular mobile browser, Opera Mini, has achieved a remarkable milestone: 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store. This incredible achievement is a testament to the browser’s widespread popularity and the trust it has garnered from users worldwide.

Opera Mini was first launched 18 years ago to address the challenges faced by users in accessing the internet on mobile devices – particularly in regions with limited network connectivity and slower internet speeds.

There was a need for a browser that could deliver a fast and efficient browsing experience, bringing access to the web to mobile devices, and out of this Opera Mini was developed with a clear mission in mind: to make the internet accessible to everyone.

The team behind Opera Mini envisioned a browser that could bridge the digital divide and empower users to explore the vast online world, no matter where they were located. This commitment to inclusivity and accessibility has been a driving force behind Opera Mini’s success.

Opera Mini’s Data Compression technology, which allows users to save up to 90% of their data while browsing has been a huge driver and contributor to the browsers uptake across markets globally. And so, especially in areas where the cost of data is high, Opera Mini has served – and is still serving – as a first window to the web for millions of people.

The browser has been especially successful across Africa, where the cost of data is among the highest in the world. African users require a practical and reliable tool that enables them to browse the web with ease while consuming less data. Now Opera has over 90% brand awareness across the continent, having built up a vast and loyal user base by deliberately designing mobile products with the African market in mind.

When the world went online at the start of the pandemic, Opera doubled down on its commitment to providing affordable access to the internet by launching free data campaigns. In partnership with the leading telecommunications companies across Sub-Saharan Africa, Opera has provided over 40 million people with up to 3GB of free browsing through Opera Mini. And continues to expand, having recently partnered with Safaricom to launch the first free data campaign in Ethiopia. This initiative has helped to empower users throughout the continent, enabling them to establish businesses, connect with loved ones, and embark on educational journeys, all with greater ease and affordability.

Apart from its data-saving capabilities, Opera Mini is also noteworthy for its speed and security features. The browser compresses and optimizes content before it reaches users so that pages load faster even on slow connections. Furthermore, Opera Mini comes with a built-in ad blocker, which not only saves data but also provides for smoother browsing.

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