OPPO Reno6 5G: Iconic Reno Design With The Reno Glow

by Business Watch Team

What is it about some phones that stop people in their tracks when they look into the store window? It is unquestionable that technical features and functionality play an essential role in how people perceive a smartphone, but design – from the color, material, finish, and shape – a phenomenal design is capable of creating a refreshing first impression towards the product.

At OPPO, our belief is that for a design to be exceptional, it must satisfy three different levels of criteria. The first and most fundamental of these is that the design should attract people – through appealing colors and unique shapes or forms. Second, the design needs to satisfy user needs when it comes to providing a comfortable user experience across the lifetime of the product. And finally, once those two conditions are met, the design needs to then deliver additional value to its owners – one that makes them feel excited each time they interact with the product and feel empowered by the value brought by the brand.

OPPO’s exclusive Reno Glow effect has been a central part of the overall design of the Reno series and has evolved together with the series through each iteration. The Reno Glow design was first introduced on the Reno4 5G Series, where it brought a subtly sparkling finish to the anti-glare glass thanks to OPPO’s unique etching technique. On the subsequent Reno5 and the new Reno6 Series, the Reno Glow effect has been improved to make it even brighter and more sparkling.

The new Reno6 5G plays host to an all-new color finish, Aurora, which is created using an upgraded version of the OPPO-exclusive Diamond Spectrum process that sits beneath the Reno Glow on the back cover of the phone. Thanks to its special properties, the Diamond Spectrum creates an ever-changing color effect when viewed at different angles and in a different light, which is further enhanced by the crystal-clear shine of the Reno Glow effect.

With Aurora as an inspiration to the soon-to-be-launched Reno6 5G, we encourage Kenyans to demonstrate their interpretation of Aurora through sharing stunning images of our beautiful Kenyan scenery, colorful outfits or stunning makeup looks under the hashtags #FindYourAurora and #EveryEmotioninPortrait. To know more visit OPPO Kenya’s social media channels.

Reno Glow not only gives the phone its spectacular appearance, but it also helps provide the Reno series with the comfortable, carefree feeling that it has come to be known for, with the fingerprint and stain-resistance properties enabled by Reno Glow.

A thin, light, and premium body is a staple feature on Reno6 5G. To assure these, OPPO has continually optimized the use of components and their layout within the device. The result of all these improvements is a series of devices that can be easily held with just one hand, can fit comfortably into a pocket, and can be used for long periods without feeling tiresome.

In addition to its thin and light body, the Reno6 Series has also been designed to offer a better grip. On the Reno6 5G, which features a new, ultra-slim retro design and a sleek, flat-edged frame, the phone’s beveled edges can also make it extremely comfortable to hold.

Looking into the future, we are furthering our efforts to consistently improve the Reno Glow process, introducing more creative visual appeal to the foundation of the matte and sparkling appearance.

Wachira is the Head of Communications and Projects at OPPO Kenya

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