Perfect Mother’s Day Gift: The High Tea DADA Experience

by Business Watch Team

While traditional gifts like flowers, chocolates, vacations, new cars, and even sentimental trinkets are undoubtedly cherished by many, why don’t you try an experience for yourself and your mum at a High Tea Event this year?

Spending quality time with your mother is essential for various reasons, especially on Mother’s Day when we celebrate the love and care that mothers provide.

Time spent together will enable you to strengthen your bond with your mum through conversations and create memories through new and unforgettable experiences and moments.

Our mothers are entrepreneurial. That is why they say if you empower a mother, you empower the whole world. They are always thinking about others and the future hence making sure that whatever they lay their hands on multiplies.

You will see them in a Chama, merry-go-rounds, Saccos, buying shares, running businesses such as shops, and selling body and foot wares, mostly not for themselves, but for their families and those around them to grow and have a better future.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for Mum this Mother’s Day, consider giving her the DADA experience by Stanbic Bank. As part of the exclusive experience for DADA account holders, Stanbic Bank has partnered with Fairmount the Norfolk to offer 6% off on Mother’s Day High Tea experience when you pay with a Stanbic Bank Card.

This is part of the unique offerings that DADA by Stanbic Bank account holders experience. Other benefits include financial and non-financial services to enable women to start & grow in business for comprehensive development and growth.

This Mother’s Day, we celebrate all the mothers out there who inspire us to be our best selves both at work and at home.

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