Raila Odinga Wants Supporters To Boycott Safaricom, KCB Group

by Business Watch Team

Azimio leader Raila Odinga has called on his supporters to boycott the giant telecommunications company within the region, Safaricom PLC, KCB Group, and The Star Newspaper for “being in bed with the current regime.”

While announcing that Azimio One Kenya Alliance will now be holding nationwide demonstrations on every Monday and Thursday, Raila accuses the companies of siding with the Kenya Kwanza Government to avert the wheel of justice.

He accuses The Star Newspaper of being anti-Azimio and always pushing the agenda of the current regime, including propaganda, saying it was time Kenyans rose against them.

Raila accuses Safaricom of being part of the Kenya Kwanza financing machine as well as feeding the government with information about the leaders of the Azimio movement.

Mr. Odinga also accuses the KCB Group, one of the largest banks in Kenya in terms of the asset base of financing the regime and working towards making the lives of Kenyans hard.

This is not the first time Raila Odinga is calling for a boycott of Safaricom. During the last general elections, he called on his supporters to boycott Safaricom.

During the last general elections, he also called for the boycott of Brookside Milk, a company associated with the family of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

KCB Group is the new entrant on the list of Mr. Raila Odinga’s boycotting mission, being the ever bank that a politician in Kenya has ever called for its boycott.

Analysts say Odinga’s call for the boycott might not have a significant effect on the operations of the companies; especially Safaricom and KCB Group.

“The worst that can happen is the share price going down. We know that our Stock Market largely depends on Foreign Investors who might already be panicking, but nothing might affect the subscriptions,” said one of the analysts.

People are now asking whether Raila Odinga will also stop making calls using Safaricom lines, stop using M-Pesa, and close his bank accounts at KCB Group.

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