Reasons Why Kenyan Millennials Are Rushing for Part-time Jobs

by Business Watch Team

Kenyan Millenials are the most misunderstood group of people in Kenya and beyond. Millennials are millionaires of ideas. In most cases, these ideas go unutilized. Many institutions, especially financial institutions, don’t understand Millenials. The millennials don’t understand them either.

Disappointed by how the world employment sector, Millenials are opting for part-time jobs. We call them part-time jobs because it is not what they do entirely but in a real sense, they are making more money than people who are fully employed. Millennials are running away from working for people to working for themselves, at their own time and on their own terms.

Contrary to what many people think, Millenials are mysterious beings. They work during the night and sleep during the day. Perhaps you have come across a young lad who is always in his house, he does not get out to work like the rest but he is ever paying rent on time, he is never broke, and always has some extra cash. That is a millennial for you, earning from his skills without having to struggle.

Many Millenials are working as online writers. They do assignments for some rich kids from Europe and the United States of America and they get paid for it. They also work as blog writers. They write blogs for some bloggers from abroad and they get paid for it. The majority of them are into academic writing, writing academic papers as well as carrying out research.

Kenya has so many young people who are working part-time jobs on various online platforms found both in Kenya and beyond. FiveSok platform, for instance, is Kenya’s premier online marketplace that is helping thousands of Kenyan youth to get part-time jobs. So far, more than 5,000 youth in Kenya are earning their daily bread via the FiveSok platform.

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