Rwanda Removes Visa Requirements For All Africans

by Business Watch Team

Rwanda has removed all the visa requirements from all Africans. This means that any Africans who may want to visit Kigali will not be required to pay anything in the name of a Visa. This makes it the first African country to announce the bold move that many have just been toying with.

President Paul Kagame made the announcement in the Rwandan capital, Kigali, where he pitched the potential of Africa as “a unified tourism destination” for a continent that still relies on 60 percent of its tourists from outside Africa, according to data from the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

“Anyone who wants to visit Rwanda is free to do so and will not be asked to pay for a Visa. We have done so for all the African countries and many others,” said President Paul Kagame on Thursday in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali.

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Kenyans can now travel to Rwanda without both a visa and a passport. They can use their national ID and nobody will stop them for passports and other requirements the way it is in other countries.

From Kenya, one can either fly directly to Kigali or go by bus through Uganda. Many prefer going by bus because it is affordable as well as it gives one more time to enjoy the beauties of nature along the way.

The announcement by Paul Kagame came a few days after President William Ruto made a similar announcement promising that all Africans would be free to enter Kenya without needing a visa by December this year.

But given the many unfulfilled promises of our president, one wonders whether this one will see the light of the day now that Paul Kagame of Rwanda has overtaken him.

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