Samsung Is Cooking Something Flippy For The Kenyan Market

by Business Watch Team

A little bird on the streets has whispered that Samsung Electronics is cooking something unique for the Kenyan market, latest this coming July. Although the details are still sketchy, Samsung Electronics has neither denied nor confirmed these “sweet allegations.”

The little bird has also confirmed that the two devices being cooked are phones that will shift the smartphone landscape in the country in terms of tech, affordability, and accessibility. This means that once they enter the market, more people will be able to afford and own any of these devices that are often the envy of many.

According to sources closer to the sources within, Samsung is coming up with some unique devices that are both flip and fold and ones that will be unique in terms of prices. This is aimed at breaking the belief that such devices were premium and only meant for high-net-worth individuals. But why all the secrecy? Why not just tell the people what is in the offing?

Given Samsung’s reputation for including Artificial intelligence in the majority of its devices, there is no doubt that AI will reign supreme in these two models that are set to roll out in the Kenyan market. Sources say that Samsung will try to match the AI capabilities that were in its Galaxy S24 which has widely become a hit in Kenya.

As already indicated, the above remain the words of the little bird in the streets. Waiting for Samsung themselves to spill the beans and tell us the whole truth. Until then, time will tell.

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