Samsung Washing Machines Win Award for Innovative Designs and Efficiency

by Business Watch Team

Samsung Electronics has announced that its active dualwashTM, AddWashTM, and FlexWashTM washing machines have been honored with the Ergonomic Design Award at the Asian Conference on Ergonomics and Design (ACED) in Tokyo, Japan.

The ACED, established in 2014 and held every three years, is the international organization for ergonomics and design.

For this year’s conference, the organization selected four winners in the sectors of software, automotive products, household furniture and home appliances, with Samsung’s active-dualwashTM, AddWashTM, and FlexWashTM winning the Grand Prix award in the home appliances category.

“This recognition reflects our effort to create consumer-focused and efficient products derived from countless hours of behavioral research and user analyses,” said Jung Hyun Park, Vice President and Managing Director of Samsung Electronics East Africa Ltd. “We will continue to make groundbreaking new technologies and innovations to better the lives of our devoted consumers.”

Active-dualwashTM features an upper sink for easier pre-treatment without having to bend down, while the AddWashTM has a secondary door to the main door, which can open widely allowing users to add any forgotten clothing, detergent or fabric softeners during a wash cycle. For its part, FlexWashTM provides a holistic and all-in-one laundry system that offers an upper washer and a main washer on the bottom in one compact unit.

The three advanced laundry machines at the heart of Samsung’s ergonomic design series showcase Samsung’s relentless innovation and continued industry leadership in the home appliances space.

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