Sarova Brings Together Indians And Kenyans To Strengthen Tourism Ties

by Business Watch Team

Sarova Hotels and Resorts in collaboration with One Above hosted the Outbound Tour Operators Association of India (OTOAI) Convention being held until the 27th of November in the country.

The convention in its 5th year aims to foster strategic bilateral ties between Kenya and India in the field of tourism, showcasing the potential for collaboration and economic growth.

The Convention will be held at the iconic Stanley Hotel, seeking to capitalize on India’s buoyant economy, rising population, and increasing wealth to boost tourism between the two nations, and as travel becomes more accessible, the hospitality sector acts as a bridge, connecting the economies of Kenya and India to foster a robust economic partnership.

Speaking during the event Sarova Hotels and Resorts managing Director Jimi Kariuki highlighted the collaboration in the hospitality sector between Kenya and India as a catalyst for economic evolution.

With India ranking 3rd in tourist visits he reiterated that the exchange of tourists, business travelers, and investors between the two countries stimulates economic activity, creating job opportunities and contributing to the GDP of both nations.

In addition, the collaboration in the hospitality sector presents significant investment opportunities. Joint ventures, partnerships, and cross-border investments in hotels, resorts, and related infrastructure contribute to the overall development of the industry. The influx of Indian tourists and investors into the Kenyan hospitality market and vice versa strengthens ties and promotes a sharing of expertise, leading to sectoral advancements.

The OTOAI brings together industry leaders, hoteliers, and media representatives for discussions, collaborations, and networking opportunities.

The association was formed for the benefit of the members in the outbound travel trade. It aims to increase outbound travel from India and also educate and sensitize the members of OTOAI towards the various prospects that can help them in building their commerce.

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