Sarova Introduces Swahili Fridays To Its Extensive Menu

by Business Watch Team

The Sarova Stanley Hotel has introduced Swahili Fridays to its offering as it seeks to diversify its menu so as to complement customers’ ever-evolving palate needs.

The city hotel, located in the heart of Nairobi, will offer an array of Coastal delectable cuisine that has always been a favorite among Kenyans and International guests.

Swahili Fridays will take place every Friday at the Hotel’s Pool Deck Restaurant that serves al fresco buffet-style meal located on the fifth floor.

Customers can now enjoy the popular, samaki wa kupaka, bhajia, mbaazi, mahamri, viazi karai among other tantalizing meals that will be part of the Swahili experience complete with ukwaju and other delightful coast bites.

In an era where customers are looking for experiences over and above food and beverage offerings, hotels have been tasked with re-inventing menus especially during the pandemic in line with trends taking over.

A new menu is not just a chance to show what the chefs can do or keep regular customers engaged with the restaurant, it is also a fantastic chance to get new customers through the doors.

Sarova Stanley was the very first luxury hotel that was launched in Nairobi City in 1902, more than a decade before World War 1. It is the hallmark of heritage that has, for more than a century, played a key role in the growth of Nairobi as a city as well as in the conservation of tourism in Kenya.

Featuring a pool terrace and 3 restaurants, Sarova Stanley offers an eclectic mix of dining and entertainment options. In addition to the pool deck restaurant, it also has Thorn Tree Café which is an open-air, bistro-style café and Thai Chi which offers authentic Thai cuisine.

Over the years Sarova Hotels and Resorts has grown to become an exemplary hospitality group known both locally and globally for its commitment to preserving Kenya’s heritage and top-notch standards of service as evidenced by its diverse properties across the country.

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