Sarova Panafric Carries The Day At The World Luxury Hotel Awards

by Business Watch Team
Sarova Panafric

Sarova Hotels and Resort’s city property, Sarova Panafric Hotel scooped a top award at the World Luxury Hotel Awards, in a global exercise that required both existing and potential customers to vote for their favorite luxury hotel and resort.

The luxury Nairobi-based hotel scooped the award for the continental winner in the Luxury Banqueting/Event Hotel category further stamping its authority as a dream destination for visitors locally and across the globe.

Despite being a luxurious hotel, Sarova Panafric has remained among the top choice for both organizations and individuals, locally and internationally who host both regional and global events, as well as life-changing and memorable social events such as weddings.

“We do not take this win for granted. For us, these are not just normal wins, but a vote of trust, confidence, and faith that our customers within Kenya and outside Kenya have in us. Many players sell products and services, but for us, at Sarova Panafric we offer trust and memories. We offer a home and a place that someone will always long to be,” said Managing Director of Sarova Hotels and Resorts, Jimi Kariuki.

“We would like to thank our customers and all those who gave this confidence vote. We are because of them and we shall always strive to give them the best. We cannot thank them enough,” he added.

Sarova Panafric Hotel is an idyllic city getaway in the hub of Nairobi that recently re-emerged and newly expanded, with enhanced suites and rooms following the completion of a phase of comprehensive renovations that began in October 2018. The hotel now has some of the most iconic looks and luxurious suites for visitors with the preservation of tradition and culture.

“The Sarova Panafric Hotel has been a story of uniting people, celebrating culture, and warm hospitality. Today, we are bringing forth our history as we revolutionize your experiences with bold contemporary design, one-of-a-kind restaurants and bars, sustainable sourcing, and homage to tradition,” he added.

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