Sarova Stanley Hosts Historic Cake Mixing Ceremony

by Business Watch Team
Cake Mixing

Sarova Stanley hosted the historic annual Cake Mixing ceremony that was characterized by pomp and color with chefs showing their skills and experience in making the ceremony an unforgettable experience. The annual event now marks the appearance of a festive season on the horizon.

The event is part of the history that dates back to the 17th century when cake mixing was done to mark the arrival of the harvest season in a procedure that has remained constant through the years. This tradition used to be an intimate family affair to symbolize unity and hard work and is now no longer a preserve of Christian households.

Led by Pastry Chef Sanjit Gupta and his young and energetic team, they made sure that the exciting event that traditional liquors will be mixed with sultanas, raisins, cashews, almonds, plums, peaches, and nuts awaiting Christmas baking, was not just a site to experience but a lesson for many who with an interest in making the cake.

The chefs also added dates, figs, dried cherries, pistachios, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, dried ginger, candied fruits, prunes, walnuts, sugar, eggs, and all-purpose flour. After the crafted combination, the mixture was then soaked in rum, brandy, wine, or a combination of fruit juices and alcohol, all of which give the cake its signature taste and aroma. Why alcohol? You may ask. Since alcohol is a preservative, it was believed that preserving the cake mix for a year could attract good luck and harmony.

“This is a lovely ceremony where one does not just make preparations for the upcoming festival, but also get together the way we have done to welcome the festive spirit that is so synonymous with Christmas,” said Sarova Group Pastry Chef Sanjit Gupta.

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