Serviced Apartments Are Ideal For A Family Staycation

by Business Watch Team

Traveling with children is always daunting and can arguably be considered an Olympic sport in itself. From the endless pre-planning required to the actual planning, through to the D-day, there’s a lot to take into consideration when deciding what is best for the whole family, especially the children.

Staycations are becoming an ever-popular replacement for vacations and long travel holidays. From hotels to Airbnbs and boutique hotels to serviced apartments, there are several options to choose from. It is important to select an accommodation that is as child friendly as possible. So, as you decide where your next staycation will lead you, here are some key pointers to consider and look out for, to ensure that your family including the children enjoy themselves.

Hotel rooms give very little room, literally. Despite their idyllic setup, with children in tow, it would be anything but. Often, hotels are not necessarily built to be child and family-friendly, and your planned staycation can become as stressful, as it is quite expensive.

Opting for a staycation in a serviced apartment, on the other hand, would be more beneficial as they tend to offer a home away from home look and feel, where the accommodation of children would prove less cumbersome. So, as you pack your bags for your next staycation here are some key pointers to look out for:

Safety and Securityare both single-handedly top of the list when selecting an accommodation best suited for children. From special security systems to room reinforcements through to baby-proofed spaces, it is pertinent to select accommodation where safety and security are uncompromised and a key cornerstone of the complex’s operations and services. Residences such as Somerset Westview Nairobi are equipped with 24-hour CCTV and security personnel as well as an audio intercom security system to ensure the safety of all its residents. In addition to having child-friendly spaces where balconies are unavailable, and windows are out of the reach of children.

Cost Considering cost where children are concerned would make serviced residences an inexpensive alternative in comparison to hotel stays. Selecting a serviced residence for your staycation would be a great option and you need not fear skimping out on all the great services and facilities that you would still enjoy within a hotel setting. Somerset Westview Nairobi for example is equipped with a resident’s lounge, housekeeping, and laundry services in addition to 24-hour reception. Residents still get the rest and relaxation they need. Whether choosing to use the fully equipped gymnasium or unwind by the swimming pool, there is still more in terms of hotel-level facilities with the additional perk of having that classic home away from home inspired feeling.

Locationpart of the thrills and woes of parenting are late-night runs to the store. Therefore, selecting a location that would provide you with unmitigated access to a variety of amenities is of utmost importance when considering where to go for your next staycation. Residences that are centrally located with easy access to surrounding malls and convenience shops would alleviate late-night inconveniences that may arise during the length of your stay. Selecting a residence in an upscale neighborhood would provide the centrality that would make your late-night runs as efficient and convenient as possible.

Living SpaceFrom comfort to entertainment, staycations are only as good as their living spaces. Ensuring that the living space can accommodate both children and parents respectively is important. So, when considering the living space, look out for room types and features that would make the family stay enjoyable. From fully equipped kitchens such as the one at Somerset Westview Nairobi to audio-visual entertainment facilities available to all family members, it is good to select a living space that would be as comfortable and entertaining as possible. At Somerset, spaces are carefully curated to be more than just a humble abode and a residence that is crafted for all your family staycation needs. The living space is sure to rival any 5-star hotel, so whether you choose to work remotely or are looking for a quick weekend getaway there is still plenty of living space available to go around.

Finally, Amenities, while considering a staycation with your children it is good to consider what child-centered amenities are available.  Is there a child’s playroom? Are there activities in the environment to engage the children? Planning to stay in less than child-friendly accommodation will be frustrating and will definitely ruin a family staycation. In choosing an accommodation for a family staycation, factor in childcare services that will make the experience much more enjoyable, by allowing the adults to unwind on their own if the need arises. With babysitting services, playrooms, and an outdoor children’s play area, Somerset Westview Nairobi is as child friendly as they come.

So, while you search for your next family-friendly staycation, the above are critical factors, that you should keep in mind for the ultimate fun-filled family adventure.

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