Shakahola Is Big, 201 Dead Bodies So Far, 600 Still Missing

by Business Watch Team

The number of bodies exhumed from Shakahola has hit 201. About 22 more bodies were exhumed on Saturday. The dead are said to be members of a cult led by one Paul MacKenzie. The man is still behind bars as the police continue with their investigations.

There are rumors that the Shakahola Massacre goes beyond Paul MacKenzie. After the postmortem results of some bodies showed missing parts, there are rumors that some private hospitals might have worked with Paul MacKenzie for organ extractions and sales.

The worst part about Shakahola is that most victims are women and children. According to the postmortem results, the initial cause of death is suffocation, strangulation, and being hit by blunt objects. They were murdered and there are no two ways about it.

Initial reports had indicated that they were brainwashed to fast to death but the results are proving different. The men, women, and children were murdered for their body organs. The government has promised not to leave any stone unturned until the truth comes out.

It is, therefore, very unfortunate for a whole Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya to term the deaths at Shakahola as a “small thing.” That statement shows either the man is heartless, ignorant or he has something that he wants to hide.

People have lost lives. Families are still looking for their loved ones. Our leaders need to measure their words before they can open their lose mouths. 201 people are dead and someone shamelessly says that that is a small matter? What the hell?

Churches need to be regulated. We cannot continue treating religion as untouchable. As something that should not be questioned. We cannot continue to sit as mad men and women open churches to swindle and kill innocent people daily.

Religion in Kenya has become opium. Everyone is smoking.

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