Shaping Your Kid’s Financial Future Through Mdosi Junior Account

by Business Watch Team
Mdosi Junior

Our kids deserve the best in life. They deserve the best medication and the best education. They deserve to live a better life than their parents. It is the only way that a parent is said to have succeeded in life. No child should suffer and blame parents for bringing them into this world.

The best inheritance any parent can leave a child is financial freedom and independence. None of this can be achieved without financial literacy as well as impacting the culture of saving within your kids’ DNA. Savings and valuing money are the best gifts to a child.

To help parents tailor their kids towards the right path of financial freedom, Family Bank Kenya has the Mdosi Junior Account. Mdosi Junior Account lets you introduce your children to the basics of sound financial discipline while securing their future.

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Mdosi Junior Account is an ideal option for children below 12 years of age and is operated by a parent or guardian. It is an account that is in line with the aspirations that many parents have for their children. Open the Mdosi Junior Account today and start on that path of building a big future for your child.

The account has the following features:

  • 3 Free withdrawals per year
  • Interest earning balance of only KES 5,000/=
  • Loans of up to 90% of the amount in the Mdosi Junior Account

Some of the benefits of this amazing account include:

  • Free standing order from your Family Bank account to your child’s Mdosi Junior Account
  • Free banker’s cheque to pay your child’s school fees
  • Free photo of parent/guardian taken at your preferred branch
  • No ledger fees charged
  • We are now offering your child an opportunity to learn the discipline of saving by providing a free Home Bank

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