She Will Disrespect You Because She Wants To, Not Because She Has To

by Business Watch Team
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Men are different creatures. They are usually the least appreciated and the least respected in most cases, but they hold keep. They keep on being men. No complaints.

A man will wake up every morning, goes to work, make sure that all bills within and without the house are paid, and make sure that his family is okay without expecting anything in return. He does that just because he is a man.

In most cases, the best of men are treated like trash, disrespected, accused, abused, and misused. But even in the face of that, most will still hold on, working tirelessly trying to fix things.

A man who has the backing of a strong woman is a lucky and successful man. “Behind every successful man, there is a woman” only works if that woman is supportive, acknowledges, and appreciates the man.

What many men don’t know is that your wife can disrespect you, not because she has to, but because she wants to. Sounds like a paradox but a reality that hits home hard.

Marriage often starts off well. With love, passion, and support. Then along the way, it becomes a norm. Fights. Cheating. Screams. Tears. Then disrespect comes one.

Once a marriage reaches a point where one partner sees the other as trash, as someone who doesn’t deserve to live, it can no longer be called a marriage but a timebomb that one needs to walk out of.

A man can be strong to a certain limit. Once that limit is reached, the man changes and becomes a beast. At that point, he will not care about anything or anybody but his peace of mind. And in most cases, there is never coming back out of that.

Men are always perceived to be strong. That they shouldn’t cry or show signs of weakness. But they are human. And a human being has limits.

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