Show Some Love To Your Mum This Love Season

by Business Watch Team

The season of love is finally here. February has kicked in and the much-talked-about Njaanuary has melted away.

The month of February is considered the “Month of Love.” It is the month that people get to express their love to their loved ones.

I, however, feel the month has largely been misinterpreted by the majority of the people to mean “expressing love” to your spouse and not anybody else.

Truth is, February is the month to show love to anybody; your wife, your husband, your children or family in general or to a friend.

In all the rush to express love, people often forget one important person; a mother. Who is like a mum? What is the best way to express how you feel about your mum? Mums are the only beings that have neither a photocopy or a spare.

In most cases, as we blow away the “Month of Love,” our mums in the villages are struggling with smoke in the kitchen because of the use of firewood, leading to respiratory diseases some times.

This season of love, try something new; if your mum is still using firewood to cook, try getting her a Jikokoa from Burn. You will thank me later. Go to a supermarket near you and purchase one for her.

Read more about Jikokoa Xtra here.

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