Some People Are Like Garbage Trucks

by Business Watch Team

Some people are like garbage trucks. They move around full of garbage, looking for someone to dump on. On their effort to find someone to dump on, they may choose you. And when they do, not take it personally, just smile, wave and move on.

In this life, you have to find a way to understand human beings. 10 percent is how you interact with them and 90 percent is how you react towards what they throw at you. Do not react at anything and everything.

There are two people in the world who will tell you how they truly feel about you; a drunkard and a person who is angry. They may use the excuse of “I was drunk” or “I was angry,” but what they say in that moment is what they truly feel.

Now, in that heat of a moment, in that moment of anger, watch the words that come out of someone. Those words come from the deepest of the heart. They are the truer words that the person has been dying to tell you.

Here is how to identify a human being who is a garbage truck and full of shit; they never admit when they are wrong. It is always the other person who is at fold. It is always them who are working hard and everyone else is a failure and lazy.

Life is not the way it used to be. There are no genuine smiles anymore. Not every smile means well today. Some smile, not because you are their friend, but because they want to bring you closer to them so that they can get an opportunity to finish you off.

Now that you know who a garbage truck is, let them dump on you once, but never allow it the second time, unless you are their therapist.

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