Someone Stole Ksh 700,000 From Akothee’s Absa Bank Account And Bank Denied Her Info

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Singer and businesswoman Akothee has called out Absa Bank Kenya for failing to update her on an ongoing case where a man stole more than 700,000 shillings from her business account held by Absa Bank.

Akothee says she found out the case was ongoing without her knowledge, saying Absa has not been updating her on anything despite her being a premium customer. She said she was furious and disappointed.

“Just to let you know that I am very disappointed in Absa Bank… They have left me to follow up on my own on a case pending since the year 2022… If a whole institution like Absa can handle a premium customer with a relationship manager, what about the rest?” She angrily asked via her social media platforms.

The man accused of stealing more than 700,000 from Akothee’s marketing agency, Aknotela Limited with an account at Absa is called Simon Kipngetich Tonui. He was arraigned on Monday.

The charge sheet outlined that the alleged offense occurred between August 7 and September 15, 2022. Tonui is said to have stolen an Absa Bank Kenya Limited Visa Business Debit Card valued at Sh460, belonging to Esther Akoth Kokeyo.

In the second count, Tonui is accused of withdrawing Sh264,000 from an Absa Bank account registered under Aknotela Limited through ATM transactions within Nairobi, spanning various dates between August 7 and September 13. Counts three and four claim that on August 8 and 9, he withdrew Sh44,000, and on August 31, Sh40,000 from the same account.

According to Akothee, Absa Bank has been keeping her in the dark about the progress of her case and whether she stands a chance to get her money back. She say she lost the money from her account despite alerting Absa that she had lost her credit card and asking them to suspend them.

Absa Bank has not replied to these allegations.

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