South Africa’s 3VR Wins Safaricom Marketing Accounts

by Business Watch Team

Africa’s leading integrated communications agency, 3 Verse (3VR) has triumphed in a hotly contested global pitch for East African tech giant Safaricom. The agency was appointed as the lead creative and strategic partner. Safaricom is the leading telecommunications company in East Africa, with over 42 million customers connected.

“Super excited to be embarking on this journey with 3VR. Their passion for the Safaricom brand, coupled with their strategic and creative prowess gives us confidence this partnership will elevate how this much-loved brand shows up. Importantly, 3VR’s commitment to nurturing African creative talent aligns perfectly with Safaricom’s purpose of transforming the lives of Kenya and Kenyans,” announced Zizwe Awuor, Head of Marketing at Safaricom.

The 3-month pitch process was intense, thorough, and challenging but in the end – rewarding. 3Verse has long been partnering with clients in Angola, Ghana, and Nigeria from their Cape Town office. “We’ve always had an appetite for growing our footprint in Africa, so we’ve welcomed the challenge to have a presence in Nairobi,” beamed Kay Orlandi, 3Verse Strategic Partner.

Cape Town-based advertising agency 3Verse and Nairobi-based RetailSense Africa have set up a local subsidiary trading as 3VR. The agency will function independently with accomplished entrepreneur and successful Kenyan businessman Victor Kagema at the helm – along with Richard Wells of Retail Sense, who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in shopper marketing to the new venture.

The agency has made a commitment to Safaricom towards uplifting, investing, and growing local creative talent. Initially, skills share swaps will take place between Cape Town and Nairobi – bringing together diverse talents and teams.

“Having had the experience of always being under the thumb of all-conquering global networks, 3Verse set out to be an independent African agency and although attracting interest, will remain independent. And 3VR in Kenya will follow suit – building on its strengths. Local talent will be recognized, developed, and nurtured. 3VR is an opportunity for Kenya’s creative talent to shine on the world stage because a brand as big and as proudly Kenyan as Safaricom deserves nothing less,” says Ivan Johnson, 3Verse Creative Partner.

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