Tatu City Gets New Partner For Bilateral Investments

by Business Watch Team
Tatu City

Tatu City and the China-Africa Economic and Trade Chamber of Commerce (CAETC), supported by the Changsha County Government, have joined hands to foster a dynamic collaboration aimed at catalyzing investments that will promote mutual economic growth and prosperity for both the Kenyan and Chinese economies.

CAETC, a non-profit social organization composed of Changsha-based enterprises, is pivotal in enhancing trade and cooperation between China and Africa by bridging the gap between Chinese and African enterprises and governments and fostering deeper collaboration and market access between these regions.

The agreement is poised to strengthen bilateral ties between the two nations, opening doors for various investment opportunities. With a vision to propel the economies of Kenya and China forward, this collaboration promises to unleash the social-economic transformative potential in multiple sectors in Tatu City SEZ.

Johanna Chen, Executive President of Changsha Chamber of Commerce, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration between Tatu City and the China-Africa Economic and Trade Chamber of Commerce marks a significant milestone in enhancing the connections between our nations. We are excited about the potential to drive economic growth through joint investments here at Tatu City SEZ.”

Solomon Mahinda, Executive Vice President of Tatu City, said: “We have had discussions with the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and the East Africa Community (EAC) Secretariate to establish how trade policies can be refined to promote investments and market access in Africa. Our collaboration with CAETC magnifies this conversation and signifies a harmonious blend of strengths and opportunities. We look forward to creating synergies that will unlock new avenues of growth, stimulate trade, foster enduring friendships between our countries, and establish Kenya and the greater East Africa region as the landing port for continental investments.”

Tatu City has established strong connections with Chinese enterprises. At least five Chinese-owned companies operate within Tatu City, including Tianglong Cylinder Company, Stecol Corporation, FullCare (Kenya) Medical SEZ Limited, Zheng Hong, and Peonystar Kenya Limited. This exemplifies Tatu City SEZ’s international appeal and collaborative nature as a platform for cross-border business growth.

77 operational or under-development companies represent over KES 200 billion in investments in Tatu City.  More than 9,000 people currently work at these companies, including Dormans, Copia, Cooper K-Brands, Grit Real Estate Income Group, Twiga Foods, Freight Forwarders Solutions, Friendship Group, Davis & Shirtliff, Kenya Wine Agencies Limited and Roast by Carnivore. Crawford International School and Nova Pioneer educate more than 3,500 students daily, and more than 4,000 people live in Unity Homes and Lifestyle Heights apartments and the Kijani Ridge premier neighborhood.

Tatu City offers the best grounds for investments, guaranteeing power, water, roads, waste, ICT, security, and landscaping in a predictable and proven environment for individuals and businesses that benefit from the new SEZ framework.

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