Tell A Story And Win Prizes From LG; How To Join

by Business Watch Team

As 2024 continues to take shape, LG Electronics has taken the spread of joy to another level through its Life’s Good challenge, giving both customers and non-customers in Kenya to win amazing prizes just by telling positive stories that impact people’s lives and spread the joy.

“We are partnering with people in East Africa for them to share “My Life’s Good” story and with the LG Community, and stand a chance to win big,” said the electronic giant in a statement.

There are four simple steps to join, create a story and win.

First, Sign up/ Log in to the Life’s Good Zone, by completing a simple sign-up form. It takes less than a minute to complete this task and the website loads very fast hence minimal wastage of time.

Second, craft your Life’s Good story. This is the simplest part. Share a personal story of overcoming a challenge and finding success. Express yourself with an engaging image and include relevant hashtags to make your entry count!

Third, Post your story on the challenge page and let your creativity shine! Don’t forget to add the necessary hashtags, and lastly, share the link to your unique post far and wide. Stay tuned for winner announcements on LG Electronics’ social media channels.

To start your journey, please use this link 

Participants are encouraged to share their stories in written form, accompanied by any relevant media such as photos, videos, gifs, and hashtags. Submissions will be judged based on their creativity, sincerity, and ability to convey the essence of LG products in their lives. More credits will be issued based on popularity amongst readers, and participants are encouraged to share their unique posts within their social media circles for a wider reach.

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