The Boys Who Sold A Country To The Highest Bidder

by Business Watch Team

A kid who is born in Kenya today, has debts he/she is likely to pay until he/she is 70 years old.

With the just concluded census for 2019, and dividing the numbers with the current public debt, every Kenyan owes creditors at least 180,000 shillings.

Kenya is a man eat man society. It is a society where everyone is for himself but God for us all. It is about those who eat and those who watch others eat.

Kenya is a messed up marriage that can only succeed with a divorce between the “selected” and the electorate. (Something that will never happen).

Kenya’s public debt now stands at 6.5 trillion shillings. By 2022, it is estimated that the debt will be at 7.22 trillion shillings.

There are fears that the debt will balloon to 9 trillion shillings after the Senate gave the National Treasury, to borrow as much as they want as long us it does not go beyond 9 trillion shillings.

There are “two boys” at the helm of this country, who seem to be determined to sell it to the highest bidder.

The “two boys” are surrounded by other thousands of angry, hungry and vicious hyenas who are ravaging the country and leaving it in tatters.

Most of our loans come from China. Despite the Constitution giving us the right to information, none of the contracts between China and Kenya have ever been disclosed openly.

There were rumours that the Chinese were planning to take over the Port of Mombasa. The government dismissed the claims (like it always does) but could neither deny or confirm the allegations.

This country has been sold to the highest bidder. We are dying and sinking in debts.

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