The Dangers Of Ignoring The Human Side Of Enterprise Security

by Business Watch Team
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Enterprise security that doesn’t properly consider the end-user is doomed to failure. ​With more devices in the hands of employees than ever before organizations risk exposing themselves to cyber threats if their security solutions and services don’t factor in how individuals will actually use them. ​

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, every industry has embraced hybrid working to some degree, and Covid-19 has changed the way we work forever.

Every industry is embracing some form of hybrid working and mobile workers are predicted to make up 60% of the U.S. workforce by 2024. Combining traditional office environments with unprecedented levels of remote work means digital solutions – and the devices that run them securely – will play an integral role.​

Done right, this improves productivity, efficiency, and, ultimately, profitability. Company-owned smartphones have boosted collaboration between colleagues working miles rather than meters apart. ​

But there are potential pitfalls if enterprises don’t use technology that is simple, up to date, and accounts for how employees interact with it.​

A failure to factor in the disconnect between how technology expects end-users to behave and what the end-user does will limit enterprise security. ​

Individuals don’t always follow guidelines. Only 31% of employees think letting friends and family use their work device presents a serious risk. Meanwhile, 40% of IT pros admit to using unapproved ‘Shadow IT’ technology. This reality leads to weak entry points for cybercriminals and accidental information leaks. ​

Out of sight cannot be out of mind. As work borders expand beyond the office, it is important to have an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that is proactive rather than reactive.​

Devices and solutions that limit security breaches caused by a lack of employee understanding (or patience) are needed in this hybrid working world.  ​

For instance, HMD Enable Pro, our EMM solution, supports Work Profile, which allows enterprise IT to separate company and personal applications and data to different profiles within the same device. Work Profile helps end-users to get the company apps they need for their work as they become automatically installed through the EMM solution, as the company and personal profiles are kept separate, it reduces the risk of personal privacy and company security infringements.  ​

The actions of individuals can scupper security plans if those plans don’t factor in the way end-users behave. The key is implementing enterprise security that is robust but doesn’t deter end-users from using the digital solutions that can boost efficiency and productivity in the modern way of working. ​

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