The Importance of Having A Portable GPS Tracker On Your Child

by Business Watch Team

Technology has continued to shape how we work, communicate, and even interact with the world around us. It has certainly made our lives easier by providing us with a variety of reliable and much-needed gadgets that we can use to benefit our family and loved ones. One of the best inventions is the portable global positioning system (GPS) tracking device.

Are you worried about the safety of your child? Do you wish to get rid of the over-protective instinct that plagues you when you are not around them? Do you wish to track their movements but have no idea how? Well, what if there was a way to always know your child’s whereabouts?

Intrigued? Good! This security solution comes in the form of a portable GPS tracker that can be placed in your child’s pocket or bag. Not only does this tracker share their location every ten seconds, but also has a panic button that, once pressed, calls the configured numbers on the device to alert and transmit sound to either you, the parent, or the security provider’s control room for immediate response. The device auto-receives itself if the call is not picked up. This device’s ability to transmit sound enables you to hear what is happening on the other side and assess the situation.

Security providers not only provide this solution but most importantly guarantee customers immediate action in case of trouble regardless of the situation. The companies work closely with the police for collaborative efforts to ensure that your child is safe.

If you are still wondering why to choose this tracking solution for your child, below are a few reasons:

Knowing their location

It is imperative to always know the location of your child whether they are in school, visiting relatives, or even with you in a crowded mall. The portable tracking device transmits to you their location every ten seconds, therefore, sharing updated information.

Peace of mind

Do you find yourself worried constantly about your child’s safety? Ensuring your child has the device on them provides you with peace of mind knowing that you can easily see their location and if there is trouble, you will be alerted.

Tracking their routes

For school-going children, the device enables you to keep track of their usual route so that if by any chance they deviate, you will take note and alert relevant authorities. It will also enable you to know where they deviated and be able to narrow your search in case of trouble.

Immediate response

Once the panic button is pressed, a call is made to the configured numbers which also prompts an immediate response thus hindering an escalation of the problem. The panic button also alerts the security provider’s control room and prompts them to dispatch a team if necessary.

Providing your child with a tracker helps in developing in them a sense of responsibility and security. They get to understand the importance of security and ways of getting help when in need.

By Gregory Kilungya, Operations Manager – Tracking SGA Security Kenya

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