The Millennial is not Confused but Misunderstood

by Business Watch Team

Call them the Y-generation, the new generation, the confused generation, kids, and the lazy. Call them anything but the fact remains clear, that the millennial is one of the most misunderstood creatures in the entrepreneurial world at the moment.

Many people think of the millennial as a dreamer, one full of unrealistic ideas that never mature to realization.

It is indeed true that the millennial is the current millionaire of ideas. Ideas never reach maturity because very few people and sectors understand them.

The millennial needs money to cultivate his ideas but who is ready to pour money into dreams? Lending institutions don’t understand the millennials, the millennials don’t understand the banks either. The millennial needs a loan from a bank with ideas as his security but banks on the other hand want to give out loans to people who have tangible security. (Title Deeds, Logbooks, a running business, etc). The millennial doesn’t have all those.

Society doesn’t understand who the millennial is, how he operates, and how he makes his money. For instance, people fail to understand how a millennial who never leaves his house for work is able to pay his house rent, buy nice clothes, take friends out and even advance in education. To society, such a millennial is an Illuminati.

The truth is the millennial works, the only problem is that society is not aware of what the millennial does. The millennial has devised ways of earning money without moving out of his bed.

The study has revealed that an average millennial has a WiFi connection and a computer in his room. What is that WiFi and computer for? For streaming music and watching nude videos? No. To the millennial, that is a whole investment that puts food on the table.

Here are some of the ways that the millennial is making thousands of shillings behind a computer without leaving his house:

i) Online writing

Many young people have taken to online writing and they are earning thousands of shillings on a daily basis. There are various online platforms that require people to write blogs, articles, and reviews. This is a booming business in Kenya. There are thousands of Kenyan youth who have bought writing accounts. They then ask other young people to write for them articles which they later sell via their accounts. The Ministry of ICT estimates that more than 40,000 Kenyan youth are working on various online writing platforms.

ii) Academic writing.

There are those millennials who have gained expertise in doing academic writing and research for students both locally and internationally. In the writing business, this is the one that pays better with a task going for between 100 dollars and 150 dollars.

iii) Blogging

Thousands of millennials are bloggers around the world. This, coupled with social media influence has given them a place at the table of rich men and women. Some of the work they do through blogging includes writing blogs for other bloggers, doing online and social media campaigns, running banner ads on their websites, and many others.

When you see millennials eating like a king, and driving fancy cars without getting out of their rooms to go and work, do not think that they are Illuminati. Take a notebook and learn from them.

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