The Rains Are Back, But Not For Long, Harvest Water

by Business Watch Team

The rains are back after a very long period of scorching sun and dryness. It was so dey that a whole government conducted a national prayer event to pray for the rain.

Now the rains seem to be back. Not because of the prayers, but because they were supposed to be here at this time. But they are just passing. They won’t be here for long.

In Western Kenya, the rains have been pounding for days now. Farmers are happy and excited. The grass, after a long time, has started being green again. But again, it won’t be for long.

In Nairobi, most parts have experienced rain. As usual, the drainage is blocked and garbage is all over the place, exposing the deformity of our leadership, as always.

But the rains are back. As short as they may be. What is worrying is the excitement. Our leaders are excited, saying “Thank God” for the rain, but doing nothing to harvest the water. Water from the skies is going to waste and in the next few days, we shall be back to praying for more rain.

The Meteorological Department has been telling the government that the rains are coming, but they won’t stay for long. A good government, that has a whole ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, would have erected water catchment openings in specific areas to harvest the water.

It is high time we stock depending entirely on the rain from the skies and think of harvesting the little that the skies are giving.

At the same time, now that the rains have come, why are we planting trees? The government released billions of shillings for tree planting. How many trees have we planted so far? How many have started growing? Were they just sideshows and an avenue to squander public funds?

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