The Rejuvenated Emergence of Kisumu As The Next B-Leisure Frontier

by Business Watch Team
Kisumu City

Some choose to just call it Kisumu. The Patriots call it Kisumu City. The sons and daughters of the land call it Kisumu Dala. And those who love big life call it “Yurop”. Whatever name you fancy, one thing remains clear; Kisumu has its eyes set on being a distinguished destination, offering a choice of experiences for both business and leisure travelers.

Magnificently situated along the shores of Lake Victoria, known locally as “Nam Sango” or “Nam Lolwe”, Kisumu City boasts of spectacular scenery, state-of-the-art amenities, and world-class infrastructure, especially within the Central Business District, which has seen it mark its territories as the third largest city in the country.

Top-notch hospitality names are also established in the lakeside city, the latest entrant being the iconic Sarova Hotels & Resorts Kenya brand. This is through the management of Sarova Imperial Hotel, Kisumu formerly Imperial Hotel.  The brand’s time-honored promise of delivering refreshing African hospitality is met through newly refurbished luxurious conferencing and accommodation facilities, not forgetting impeccable cuisine. This, as Kisumu has started hitting both leisure and business headlines with individuals, investors, and organizations driving, riding, and flying down the lakeside city for both business and leisure.

Positioning itself as the next B-Leisure frontier, Kisumu City seems to be devolving the long-standing belief that good places only existed at the coast.

Those heading to Kisumu for business purposes either to deliberate or invest have a wide range of long-term opportunities to exploit such as water transport, fish processing/farming, hospitality (hotels, travel agencies), consultancy, construction, and engineering, among others. With various service providers offering world-class conference amenities, the city on the shores of Lake Victoria is a place to go for business meetings and corporate bonding.

Kisumu has a long list of leisure spots to explore. One would wish he/she could slow down time in order to visit them. Lake Victoria with its various beaches and harbors is always beaming with activities and allowing one to have a taste of fish fresh off the lake. Then there’s Kisumu Museum, Kisumu Impala Sanctuary, Ndere Island, Kit Mikayi, and several other places to go sightseeing.

Sarova Imperial Kisumu

Sarova Imperial in Kisumu, one of the most iconic hotels in the city

In May 2022, the city dominated the global headlines when it hosted the Africities Summit, setting history as the first intermediary city to host such a global event attracting at least 11,000 delegates from 100 countries. Kitchens of Sarova, Sarova Hotels’ outdoor catering arm was the sole food & beverage provider at the Summit, made possible by the goodwill & workforce of the people of Kisumu.

The event came with major infrastructural developments around the lakeside city including the expansion of Kisumu Airport to increase passenger capacity to 1 million from 500,000 a year, a 1.6 billion convention center, and a good road network as well as positioning Kisumu as the next frontier for investment and trade in the region.

With direct flights from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) to Kisumu International Airport and low-cost operators such as Jambojet, Kisumu’s airspace has been busy of late with various passenger and cargo flights.

Those who have gotten an opportunity to walk the streets of Kisumu City CBD will tell you how clean the streets are, with enterprising faces beckoning for both business and leisure. All these are results of a recent overall modernization of the waterfront.

After a walk around the city, one can retire at The Perch, Sarova Imperial Hotel’s rooftop bar & lounge which serves wonderful views of Kisumu City’s skyline and Lake Victoria on the horizon. It provides a perfect retreat to calm the senses after a long day on the grind. The trendy, rustic design transforms the Perch to give off sophisticated vibes while its casual elegance makes it the perfect spot for conversations over a cocktail or a nightcap and a quick savory bite as relaxing music plays in the background. Twende Kisumu!

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