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by Business Watch Team
Thai Chi

Sarova Stanley Hotel in collaboration with the Thailand Embassy in Kenya is hosting the Thai Food Week where guests will get an opportunity to experience and enjoy amazing Thai Cuisines at its iconic Thai Chi restaurant running from Friday 15th July to  Saturday  23rd  July.  

Thai Chi is the only certified Thai restaurant in Nairobi that has been presented with the coveted Thai Select Award. Thai SELECT is the accreditation that certifies not only the food but also the hospitality and atmosphere of a Thai restaurant.

Authentic Thai Restaurants receive the Thai SELECT Certification from the Ministry of Commerce, and the Royal Thai Government to guarantee the distinct Thai taste of Thai food products and Thai restaurants globally.

“The Sarova Stanley family is very excited to host the Thai Food Week. We pride ourselves on harboring the oldest Thai restaurant right in the heart of Nairobi city. The restaurant has been around for 16 years,” said Sarova Stanley Operations Manager Duncan Mwangi.

“Our chefs have been carefully trained in the preparation of authentic Thai meals through training and inspections. High-standard Thai Restaurants worldwide have achieved the Thai Select distinction and we are glad to be part of this global recognition,” he added.

The delectable Thai specialties prepared by experienced chefs from Thailand and Kenya make Thai Chi one of Nairobi’s most elegant dining establishments.

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