The Ultimate LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator Buyer’s Guide

by Business Watch Team

This Side by Side  LG InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator with a net total capacity of 635 liters is loaded with exquisite features such as the self-cleaning water dispenser nozzle, FRESHBalancer, child lock, and app control – but the ‘knock knock’ feature is what knocked my socks right off.

Detailed below is a series of remarkable features that make the LG InstaView fridge a must-have for all households.

Knock Knock Feature

This LG fridge takes the ‘Knock Knock Who’s There’  joke to a whole other delicious level. Two knocks on the InstaView pane light it up to reveal a whole lot of deliciousness stacked on your fridge racks, easily accessible via the door-in-door feature.

Fridge Capacity

The LG InstaView refrigerator boasts a 416-liter net fridge capacity, arguably the largest in the market so far, featuring four tempered glass shelves, a utility box, a FRESHBalancer box, and a four-bottle chrome wine rack.

Freezer Capacity

This refrigerator boasts a 219-liter net frost-free freezer cabinet capacity, featuring 4 tempered glass shelves and two freezer boxes.


The Door-in-Door feature that gives access to the InstaView frame without opening the entire fridge door gives off fun vending machine vibes and it’s a YES from the littles in our homes. This ensures less cool air escapes from the fridge.

Self-Cleaning Water Dispenser Nozzle

The UV Nano feature cleans the inside of the water nozzle automatically for 10 minutes every hour or can be activated manually.

Smart Features

This model can be controlled via the ThinQ app. The free-to-download and use ThinQ app is available for both Apple and Android. Once paired, you can control the temperature settings and diagnose your appliance via the app. You also get open-door alerts, a particularly handy feature in a household with children.


This feature not only eliminates bacteria up to 99.999% but also minimizes bad odor in the refrigerator, enabling you to keep your food items fresher and in a cleaner condition.


With a simple switch, FRESHBalancer keeps your vegetables and fruits in optimal condition respectively by adjusting to the right amount of humidity.

Cool Down and Warm Up

In the event of a power cut, it will take 10 hours before the food thaws. It will take 2 hours for both the fridge and the freezer to reach 3 degrees celsius and -19 degrees celsius respectively, in a high atmospheric temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.

LINEARCooling Technology

This feature keeps food fresher for longer by ensuring temperature fluctuations remain within 0.5 degrees celsius while DoorCooling+ ensures the whole compartment including the area by the door which typically holds bottled drinks and jars stays just as chilled.

Inverter Linear Compressor

Said technology provides up to 32% in energy savings, top-rate durability, and optimal temperature control to keep foods fresher longer.

Energy Consumption

This LG InstaView fridge falls into Energy Class F (A ++), with an annual energy consumption of about 376 kWh / pa. For an appliance with a net capacity of 635 liters, this is remarkably low energy consumption and hence eco-efficient.

Open-door Alarm

This LG fridge makes three soft “bing bong” alerts to let you know the fridge door is open. This is, however, quite unlikely because the weight of the doors affords them a momentum that firmly closes the doors with a slight push.

Child Lock

The very essential child lock feature is available in this model to ensure the littles in your household safely enjoy this fun LG appliance.

Noise Level

This model is largely silent with a 39dBA operating volume, which means you won’t hear it over your conversation and other background noise.

The fridge gets a bit noisier when it pumps water from the water tank into the Spaceplus Ice System and when making and dispensing ice, usually around 55dBA or the level of a conversation.

Dimensions (H | W | D)

It measures 1790mm x 913mm x 735mm, a key consideration factor at the purchase point for whether it fits in your kitchen space cross dimensionally and if it will be able to get through your door owing to its huge size.


Enjoy a 10-year warranty on the refrigerator’s compressor and a 2-year warranty on the product itself.

It is impossible to experience the LG InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator and not enjoy it because this is where fun meets efficiency and utility.

Consumers can purchase the LG InstaView refrigerator from licensed Brand shops and all leading electronics stores or visit

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