There Shall Be No El Nino, Ok, But What About Our Billions?

by Business Watch Team
Rain Driving

President William Ruto has announced that Kenya will not experience the deadly El Nino rains as earlier announced by the Kenya Meteorological Department. The President says, in place of El Nino, Kenya will experience “normal rains”.

The Met Department has been sounding warnings to Kenyans and the government, saying that there was a 99 percent chance that the country was going to receive El Nino.

“We heard reports that the country will experience El Nino, which has the potential of destroying property. We have now heard them say that that will no longer be the case. We will just have heavy rains,” said President Ruto while thanking God.

The announcement that El Nino was coming set our hungry politicians into the planning and budgeting mode. President William Ruto and his government rushed to set aside 10 billion shillings to help prepare for the El Nino.

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Counties such as Nairobi County established an El Nino Committee that immediately announced that it was going to procure boats to be used by Nairobians in the event the city was going to flood.

Other counties had set aside budgets for El Nino too. We know some like Bungoma might have budgeted for expensive wheelbarrows, ones that can withstand the destructive power of El Nino.

Anyway, now that El Nino is not coming, what happens to our billions of shillings that had been “set aside” by the national government to prepare for the destructive rains? What happens to those billions in the counties that had been “set aside” to wait for the El Nino, including the purchase of boats?

The announcement that El Nino was coming then the sudden “suspension” of the same smells to the high heavens. Seems like it was a long game that was specifically designed to loot public funds, something not so unique among Kenyan politicians.

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