There Shall Be No More P1 Teachers – TSC Declares

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The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has scrapped the Primary Teachers Certificate Training Course, also known as P1, bringing to an end one of the longest-available teaching courses, bringing mixed reactions within and without the teaching profession.According to the Teachers Service Commission, the scrapping of P1 is in line with the laws that were proposed for implementation including one that will entrench the entry qualification for teachers’ training, which now begins at the diploma level.

In the new changes, TSC is proposing that a teacher scores C plain and then at least a D+ in Mathematics and a C minus in English.

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At the same time, TSC has also laid out a raft of measures that it says are aimed at streamlining the profession, including circumstances under which a teacher can be deregistered or punished for several offenses including sexual ones. It is also moving to establish and entrench continuous professional development for teachers.

“Last week we met the caucus of all deans of universities offering teaching education to deliberate on the requirements for registration. We want to go to Parliament when the education sector is one,” TSC CEO Nancy Macharia said.

The announcement has also left thousands of students who are undertaking the same course in different teachers’ training colleges at a crossroads, not knowing whether they will be employed upon graduation. TSC has also not specified whether P1 teachers who are currently unemployed will be employed or will have to go back to class.

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In the past few days, TSC has come into sharp criticism from stakeholders over some of the proposed amendments in the laws, with some accusing it of over-reaching and allocating itself powers it does not have.

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