These Three Entrepreneurs Need Gomoka Na Go Monthly Like Yesterday

by Business Watch Team

How much do you spend on airtime daily? How much do you use in making calls per month? How about data, how much do you spend on purchasing meaningful bundles that will enable you to work efficiently?

In my previous life, I would spend at least 100 shillings on purchasing airtime on a daily basis. It was worse if I purchased the same via M-Pesa, because, believe me, I felt less pain buying airtime via M-Pesa than using cash. This means that per month I would averagely use about 3000 shillings. This is without the cash I would use on data bundles.

Then I was introduced to the Go Monthly plan by Safaricom. I entered the 2000-shilling plan that then gave me 15GB worth of data, 1000 minutes, and 2000 SMSs per month. Now this became way cheaper and way more convenient as compared to before.

And now that Safaricom has come up with the new Go Monthly Plan; the Gomoka na Go Monthly campaign, with more than 30 million shillings worth of prizes to be won, things just got better and sweeter. All-in-One and Post-Pay revamped packages for 1,000 shillings have customers enjoy 8GB up from 5GB plus 400 minutes, 1,000 SMS, and free WhatsApp. The customer now gets more packages at the same amount.

Customers on the 2,000 shillings plan are enjoying 17GB up from 15GB plus 1,000 minutes, 2,000 SMS, and free WhatsApp while those on the 3,000 shillings plan are getting 27GB up from 25GB plus 1,500 minutes, 5,000 SMS, and free WhatsApp.

Monthly Data plans revamped packages for 1,000 shillings are now offering 10GB up from 7GB plus free WhatsApp and 22GB up from 20GB plus free WhatsApp for only 2,000 shillings.

Those on the Monthly Minutes plans now include 500 shillings for 300 minutes, 500 SMS; 1,000 shillings for 800 minutes, 1000 SMS; 2,000 shillings for 1,700 minutes, 5,000 SMS, and 3,000 shillings for 2,700 minutes, 5,000 SMS.

Now, who needs these Go Monthly Plans like yesterday?

Influencers: If you are an influencer, and you are always online, it pays more to be on a monthly plan than on a one-off. This means that you will seamlessly be online with no interruptions. For those who love going LIVE, you will not tell your followers to wait until you top up. They will move on.

Supply and deliveries: If you do supplies and deliveries, chances are that you make so many calls, and sometimes you need to be online to see those requests from customers. Kenyan customers are impatient. If you delay, you miss out. You need to Go Monthly.

Event organizers and planners: some of the most hacked individuals, you will be surprised are event organizers. Most of them rely on different public WiFis to operate their own personal gadgets. Given that they are sometimes organizing many events at different places in the same week, they get exposed so many times on different public WiFis jeopardizing their data.

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