Things To Look For Before Buying A Secondhand Car In Kenya

by Business Watch Team

Owning a car is always a dream of every ordinary Kenyan. Having a car in Kenya is still viewed as a symbol of status and many often strive to own one. And it is true. Those with cars are more respected in some quarters than those without.

The purchase of secondhand cars is popular in Kenya. This is because secondhand cars are more affordable than new ones. Many Kenyans, therefore, go for secondhand cars mostly because they are affordable. Almost all secondhand cars in Kenya are imported from other countries.

Buying a car is not something one just wakes up and goes to the market and comes home driving. It needs a lot of homework and a lot of learning a thing or two about cars.

The first thing to look out for is the body of the car. The condition of the body is the first indication of the health of the car. If the body has so many scratches and dents, it may mean that the owner or previous owner was a careless driver. Avoid.

The second thing to look out for is the engine. Here, you will an expert, preferably a mechanic to tell you whether the car you are buying has a healthy engine. You do not want to buy a car that will only cough once and stall in the middle of the road.

You are also supposed to look out for the accident history. Do not just fall for the “this car is accident-free.”Doing your homework for this will save you a lot of trouble including court cases. Check with the police or the NTSA.

Look at the loans. What is the point of buying a car then it is repossessed for a loan you had nothing to do with? Kenyans can be very crafty. They will get a loan using the car and then sell the car to you only for the car to be taken away.

Lastly, look at the mileage. Most people often tamper with the odometer before selling their cars to give an impression that the car has traveled less distance in order to fetch higher prices.

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