Three Major Reason Why The XBoom Should Be Part Of You

by Business Watch Team

We all love to listen to music, podcasts, and even some inspiration. In most cases, we do so via earphones or headphones. But the best music or podcast or inspiration hits differently if it is coming from a powerful external speaker.

Music or whatever you choose to listen to doesn’t have to be noisy or irritating. It has to be smooth, marry with the environment and bring a feel that you exist in your mind; a perfect setting of what you want. You do not have to strain your ears to listen to something.

Now, have you heard about the LG XBoom GO? What makes it tick? Why should you consider it in your next shopping for devices?

Outstanding sound

LG XBoom GO comes with the Meridian Sound Technology that makes it process and optimizes its own sound, giving you a great and powerful sound to listen to. The speaker is also made in such a way that it comes with a dual bass action (except for PL2) that delivers a superior bass performance with dual passive radiators. What is more, it is equipped with a sound boost that helps you boost the overall sound power and widen the sound field.


Nobody buys a gadget for the inconvenience. We all buy stuff to solve a problem. The LG XBoom GO is portable and convenient for outdoor activities. It makes it possible to spend a day with it in almost any environment. They come with batteries that last up to 24 hours for PL7, 18 hours for PL5, and 10 hours for PL2. They are IPX5 splash and water-resistant with the PL7 coming equipped with a USB charging and a power bank to charge your phone.

LG XBoom GO is compatible and allows bigger parties to get a feel of the sound or music. The capability to partner with other PL Speakers makes for a bigger and more fun party with your friends and family. For instance, one XBoom GO can connect up to 100 other speakers wirelessly all playing from the same source.

The design

The design of the XBoom is something you wouldn’t love to let go of. It has a multi-purpose grip design made possible by its cylindrical body with a rubberized finish that feels nice and comfortable in your hands. It also comes with a compact and simple design with lighting that can fit anywhere and any occasion.

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