Three Things That A Kenyan Police Officer Will Plant On You

by Business Watch Team
Police Officers

Kenyan police officers are among the most-feared human being in Kenya. Sometimes they are more feared than the criminals on the streets. Given the fact that they carry guns, they literally control lives and can determine whether one lives or dies.

There are people in Kenya who get arrested, and because they might not have a hefty bribe, land in prison over made-up charges, some carrying the death penalty. It is a tricky subject that many people rarely discuss for fear of being victims.

The common charge that a police offer in Kenya will plant on you if you refuse to pay a bribe is Robbery With Violence. With this in mind, they will plant a weapon on you and a stolen item, mostly a phone. In Kenya, Robbery With Violence carries a death sentence.

The second easiest thing that police officers in Kenya can plant on you is bhang or marijuana. Most of them walk around with bhang ready to plant it on those they arrest to corner one into paying a hefty bribe to secure freedom. Being found with bhang carries a minimum sentence of three years in Kenya.

Another common charge that will be planted on you is loitering with an intend to commit a crime. This is the most common one. The police have a habit of using this during weekends when they arrest people. The least amount one can pay is 2,000 shillings.

So, what should you do when a Kenyan police officer arrests you?

First, do not argue with them. Do not try to be smart. Do not show them that they are academic dwarfs. Maintain your cool but do not admit the charges some of them will be spelled out with an intend to corner you.

Second, if you have cash, pay them. Believe me, it is better to pay a police officer than to spend a night in Kenyan police cells. The cells are dirty, smelly, and mostly with criminals who will harm you.

Third, if you have a lawyer, and they insist of taking you in, call him so that he can secure your release through a police bond.

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