Tim Wanyonyi Meets Women From Nairobi

by Business Watch Team

Westlands MP Tim Wanyonyi is currently meeting women from various parts of Nairobi as he seeks their support for the position of Governor for Nairobi County.

Tim is planning to run for Governor on the Orange Democratic Movement party ticket and has expressed hope of carrying the day and redeeming the image of Nairobi.

The long-serving legislator says he is the best bet for Nairobi as he brings on the table a wide range of experience, professionalism, and an admirable record with no iota of scandal.

“Nairobi deserves the best. It is the capital city of Kenya and the heart of the economy. Tim Wanyonyi is going to reclaim the lost glory of this city. I seek nothing more than an opportunity to serve and benefit the people,” he said.

The women called on Tim to champion for their rights and work towards having policies at the county that will set up and run their small businesses without being harassed. Being a person living with a disability, they also called on him to always be the voice of those living with disabilities.

Various people are eyeing the position of Governor for Nairobi but only Tim Wanyoni has officially launched his bid. He has already gained ground and seems to have the goodwill of the majority of Nairobians.

More to follow.

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