Top 10 PR Agencies In Kenya And What Makes Them Tick

by Business Watch Team
PR Agencies

There are numerous PR Agencies in Kenya. Most of the PR Agencies around the country deal with corporates. No corporation in Kenya does not need a PR Agency unless it wants to fly blind.

PR Agencies help corporations and other individuals to; develop communications strategies, handle and manage crises, introduce and push new products and services, and link corporates and businesses to other experts.

The Business Watch Media compiled a list of 10 PR Agencies in Kenya and a summary of what they do:

  1. Engage BCW
  2. Hill & Knowlton Strategies
  3. Namu Communications
  4. AM Communications
  5. Tim-Sky Media
  6. Apex Porter Novelli
  7. Dentsu
  8. Oxygene
  9. Weber Shandwick
  10. Ogilvy

Engage BCW

This is a communications consultancy firm that provides comprehensive communication and public relations services to diverse clients including individuals, businesses, and organizations within and outside the country.

It has a team of experts who cut across the communications field with knowledge of crisis management, communication strategy development, event organization, and media liaison, among others.

Engage BCW, for years, was among the few agencies in Kenya that was led by three great women at the top with clients in aviation, hotel, NGO, and Agriculture, among others.

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Hill & Knowlton Strategies

They are also known as H&K Strategies. Mostly, they handle corporate clients. They give them a media presence, link them to publishers, and help manage their crisis among others. H&K Strategies is among the great agencies in Kenya that have been around for years.

Most of their clients are in tech (mobile phone manufacturing), aviation, manufacturing, and medical field, among others. Some of their clients are outside Kenya but with a huge presence in Kenya.

Namu Communications

This is an upcoming PR Agency that has found inroads within the fields in a short time. Namu purely handles communications for clients; both businesses and individuals.

Though little-known, already bagged major clients such as MasterCard Foundation among others. Most of the communications that Namu is handling are around health and vaccines—a huge and virgin field.

AM Communications

AM Communications has been here for some years. It may be little known but it handles giants such as Old Mutual, LG, and Microsoft. The agency provides communications solutions to clients including and not limited to linking them to the media and experts, as well as crisis management. They are also strong in event organization and management. Most of their events have been successful with maximum value for their clients.

Tim-Sky Media

Tim-Sky Media has a team of experts that take pride in offering services such as public relations and media liaison, crisis communication, digital media management, visual communication through video, photography creative design, and sports marketing. Their clients span from banking to real estate, and health, among others.

Apex Porter Novelli

They are known as APNs in most cases. Unlike many others, these handle most of the PR stuff. They work with their clients to deliver communication and public relations programs that produce results that move the business needle of the organization forward. They are among a few with major clients in the corporate field including banks.


Sometimes, it operates under Isobar. It is known for solving complex business challenges through digital marketing, ecosystems, and products. Isobar is a global digital agency that delivers experience-led transformation that drives digital strength and brand loyalty. They have major clients in the telecommunications space such as Safaricom.


These guys are among the few with simple and attractive websites where virtually everything is seen at a glance. It is a marketing and PR firm that provides a wide range of services to their clients including crisis management. They have been around for more than 8 years and have handled more than 100 clients.

Weber Shandwick

These guys handle communications for various clients both in the health and the transport sector. Their website has not much on what they do but our research showed that they are among the few who are changing the communications scope in Kenya.


This is one of the oldest advertising agencies in Kenya and Africa. For more than 50 years, they have provided PR and communications services to various clients around the country. They are the largest network agency on the continent, operating in 24 African countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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