Top 10 Products That LG Is Offering Crazy Discounts

by Business Watch Team
LG Electronics

Easter might have ended on the calendar but not at LG Electronics. At LG, Easter is on until the end of this month. The giant company is giving some of the craziest discounts on electronics ranging between 10,000 and 50,000 shillings.

For instance, the LG 23L NeoChef is currently going for 18,495 shillings, saving you 6,500 shillings. If you opt for LG 23L NeoChef Smart Inverter Grill, you will save 4,000 shillings for it is going at 22,995 shillings. For those who love music, the LG 330W 5.1Ch DVD Home Theater System, Bluetooth is going for 23,995 shillings, saving you 10,000 shillings.

If you are looking for a Smart LED TV, LG Electronics is giving you a discount of 16,500 shillings for a 43-Inch LM637 Series Full HDR Smart LED TV. The TV is going for 44,995 shillings. At the same time, the LG XBOOM 1100 Watts will see you saving 18,000 shillings by buying it at 41,995 shillings. The 900 Watts one is going for 48,995 shillings, letting you save 5,500 shillings.

Here is the list:

  1. LG 23L NeoChef
  2. LG 23L NeoChef Smart Inverter Grill
  3. LG 330W 5.1Ch DVD Home Theater
  4. LG XBOOM 300 Watts
  5. LG XBOOM 480 Watts
  6. LG XBOOM 1100 Watts
  7. LG LED Smart TV 43 inch
  8. Washing Machines
  9. Refrigerators
  10. Air Conditioners

The price cuts, applicable on refrigerators and washing machines will apply between 27th  March 2023 to 7th May 2023 and are aimed at ensuring customers receive not only quality but also affordable appliances that will help them to live the life that they deserve.

Other washing machines with a reduced-price tag include the 15kg/8kg front load washer and dryer that will retail with a Kes 29,000 price cut, and the 12kg front load washer which has an 8% price cut tag (Kes 13,000) embedded on it.

Refrigerators retailing with a reduced price within the discounted period include the Instaview door-in-door and also side-by-side 635L refrigerator that will retail at Kes 50,000 less, the side-by-side 634L refrigerator that will retail atb14.1% reduced price (Kes 40,000) and the Top Freezer 254 L Refrigerator that has a 10.8% reduced price tag (Kes 10,000) among others.

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