Top 5 Businesses With Good Returns In Nairobi

by Business Watch Team

Nairobi is a difficult city to set up and run a business, but those who do, end up making a killing. The reason why it is difficult to set up a tangible business is that there are already established businesses run by tycoons and cartels who fear competition.

There is also massive corruption and so many hands to oil before one can operate a business “peacefully.” However, if you have money and the heart of a stone and would like to set up a business in Nairobi, try out these 5 businesses and see:

Wines and Spirits Shop

There are so many Wines and Spirits joints in Nairobi, and so are the people who drink. You will never go without customers in this business. The problem is there is a huge competition in terms of pricing. Those who sell fake spirits sell them at lower prices which might drive you out of business if you stick to selling genuine ones.


Nairobians love eating meat. Be it Nyama Choma, chemsha or just buying a raw one so that they can go and cook at their homes. Just make sure that you always have fresh meat and that your butchery is always clean. Give them incentives such as an onion or a tomato.


Let us face it. The church in Kenya has nothing to do with taking religious Kenyans to heaven. It is an avenue for pastors to make money and feed their families without paying taxes. If you have convincing language, start a church and be the man who gets money from your “sheep.”

Massage Parlour

Massage Parlours are mushrooming all over Nairobi. There is a huge demand for those services from men. Of course, we are told that in most cases it is not only about a massage but what is the harm if it is a genuine business? Set it up and see what comes your way.

Car hire

Start a car hire business and you will never sleep hungry, especially during festive seasons. Make sure that your car/s are in good condition and have some friendly rates.

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