Top 5 Marketable Careers In Kenya Right Now

by Business Watch Team

Influencing: No school will teach one about being an influencer but is a career that is creating so many jobs around the country. Youngsters and old alike are making millions of shillings through the pushing of brands via their online platforms. Some have even set up companies based on their influence and the demand keeps on growing.

Medicine: Any field in medicine is still marketable in Kenya. It is rare for doctors to stay without jobs. As they say, the “sick” industry is lucrative in Kenya. Those who fail to get jobs in the mainstream health sector can set up their own clinics or pharmacies and still make a kill for it.

Graphic design: as the world increasingly moves toward visuals, many brands are embracing graphic designers more than ever before. The rule of “a picture is worth a thousand words,” is at play and it will be on for a long time. Many brands now want their communications online to be accompanied by artwork.

Consultancy: Being a consultant is one of the easiest ways to make money in Kenya. This is because one is able to work for and with as many brands as possible. The only thing one needs is to perfect whatever skill they have so much that brands will be looking for them to tap into their knowledge.

Running for errands: I know. I know this is not a career but it is something that people are taking up and it is working so well for them. This is where you offer to be running errands for others and you get paid for the service. The only challenge is one has to really build trust and have a connection with specific clients.

Most of the marketable careers in Kenya do not require classroom knowledge. Learn them

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