Top 5 Things Ailing Kenyans The Most

by Business Watch Team

Even the blind can tell that things are not right in Kenya. Everything is going South. So, what are the top 5 things ailing Kenya the most?

  • Religion.

Of late, Kenya has become a religiously notorious ground ruled by hearing no evil, seeing no evil. Led by the President, many are being forced to believe that our problems will be solved by prayers. We are praying for rain and for the economy to recover.

  • Corruption.

Immediately after President William Ruto took over power, everyone who had a mega corruption case in Kenya has been released, and cases were dropped and reappointed into government. With corruption already ravaging the country, there is little hope.

  • High cost of living

Almost everything has skyrocketed in terms of prices. Kenyans can barely afford a packet of unga. A 2-kilogram maize flour is currently retailing between 210 and 250 shillings. The President had promised to bring the prices down but he seems to have forgotten.

  • Drought

Kenya is burning. There is a huge heatwave sweeping across the country. At least 33 counties are facing acute water shortage and food. Animals are dying and people are emaciated and left for the dead. Kenya Met Department has predicted the continuation of the drought.

  • CBC

Many will say CBC is not one of the problems facing Kenya but this is a disaster in waiting for this country. If the kick-off of Grade 7 is something to go by, then this new Kenyan curriculum is set to mess up future generations. We are likely to have more zombies than human beings in the future.

What should be done?

It all begins with the kind of leadership we have. Unfortunately, Kenya has mediocrity in the name of leadership. We now have human beings who believe that to fight hunger, drought, corruption, and the high cost of living, then we must kneel, and scream to the heavens for miracles to happen.

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