Toyota Kenya Launches Car Maintenance Program For Women Drivers

by Business Watch Team

Motor vehicle distributor, Toyota Kenya has started an initiative dubbed Beauty Meets the Bonnet, an interactive workshop on vehicle operation and maintenance that seeks to equip female drivers with practical, relatable advice on maintaining and caring for one’s car with basic vehicle maintenance skills.

Speaking at the very first ‘Beauty Meets the Bonnet’ workshop, Toyota Kenya Managing Director Arvinder Reel said, “Whereas men normally don’t blink when they have to change a flat tire, replace a headlight bulb or install new windshield wiper blades, a lot of women still shy away from the hands-on, DIY approach to car maintenance. But being able to ask the right questions and have a bit of knowledge can result in a much more pleasant encounter, and we believe that this initiative can deliver this experience for more female drivers.”

Through these workshops, some of the common issues that women will learn to handle include checking the engine oil to ensure that the vehicle runs smoothly, has clean components, is guarded against rust, and is effectively cooled to avoid other problems.

They will also be taught how to inspect and determine whether the transmission fluid is due for replacement and to check the condition of the oil filters, drive belts, spark plugs, fuel filters, brake fluid, as well as brake pads.

The women will also be sensitized on how to determine a car issue by learning what specific warning lights mean. Moreover, the training will highlight the approximate cost associated with every issue identified far from outlining the appropriate ways of ensuring body care for the vehicle.

“Many car vendors and dealers often do not take time to educate or to explain to their clients (male or female) what their vehicle needs and why, especially in terms of maintenance. Therefore, when faced with a car issue, these women become intimidated or overwhelmed, turning a routine maintenance situation or an unexpected repair into a daunting experience,” added Mr. Reel.

Through the initiative, Toyota Kenya strives to help women uphold vehicle literacy, have a maintenance program, maintain a proper record of the maintenance, and create a maintenance culture where they are proactive, reactive, and sensitive to vehicle faults. This way, they will not only be taking care of the vehicle but ensuring optimal performance, preventing future failure, and saving lives in the process.

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